Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator

The OCP, Solaris 11 System Administrator certification is designed for individuals who have expanded their mastery of the administration of the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System from the base-level of skills and who have a fundamental understanding of the UNIX operating system, commands, and utilities.  This certification covers system administration skills such as configuring network interfaces, managing swap configurations, crash dumps, and core files.

Successfully completing the requirements of this certification track earns the designation of Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator. This certification differentiates candidates in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise.  Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.


Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
Complete one of the approved instructor-led online or in-class courses
Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration
Complete the Course Form

Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator

For more information about the OCP Solaris 11 System Administrator certification, please visit the official OCP Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator page by clicking here.

One thought on “New OCP Oracle System Administrator certification

  1. Ls,

    In past I ordered certification for Oracle OCP. But as i found a new job which was very stressy and taking time I was not possible to combine study and work. I was not able to complete study.

    Now my job contract was stopped. I wanted to pass my exams as un the way to a new job I have time left to do the required OCA OCP examps. But when I went to my preps of UCertify I found out they are not working anymore.

    But I have not passed my exams. Is there a way to get free new keys to re-assign my training possibilities? It is strange I thought the simulator was bought for lifetime usages. Not to be concluded at certain time.

    Regards, gert bakker

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