uCertify offers the Microsoft Office Word 2016 Expert course to help you prepare for the 77-725 and 77-726 certification exams. The course provides an understanding of the fundamental and advanced features of the Word environment and teaches you how to complete tasks independently. The course comes with practice tests and livelab. uCertify practice tests are simple, cloud-based solutions that can be used effortlessly to prepare for certification exams. It can be configured to closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real testing conditions. In addition to the Test Prep uCertify provides PrepEngine, a gamified version of TestPrep that has a deep foundation in learning science. uCertify LiveLab allows you to experiment and apply your knowledge to real-life situations. It requires fewer IT resources, reduced training costs, and the ability to rapidly provide training to a geographically dispersed learner base. Students and colleges that use virtual labs have access to cutting-edge technology while experimenting. uCertify LiveLab helps to develop professionals’ practical IT skills — which are crucial in today’s world of complex computer systems and technologies. 

Prepare for the Microsoft Office Word 2016 Expert certification with uCertify

Upon the course completion, you will gain expertise to:

  • Create and manage documents, tables, and lists
  • Format text, paragraphs, and sections
  • Create and manage references
  • Insert and format graphic elements
  • Manage document options and settings
  • Design advanced documents
  • Create advanced references
  • Create custom Word elements

About Microsoft Office Word 2016 Expert Exam

To be a Microsoft Office Word 2016 Expert certified professional, you will have to pass 77-725 and 77-726 exams. While the 77-725 exam covers understanding the Word environment and the ability to complete tasks independently, the 77-726 exam covers proficient use of the advanced features of Word 2016 for the document, content management, and advanced formatting. The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 certification exams introduce a new performance-based format for better testing of a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to use the MOS 2016 programs.

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uCertify has introduced the Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security certification course to help candidates prepare for the MS-101 exam. The course comes with lessons and test prep that ensure complete coverage of the certification exam objectives. You will learn how to implement mobile device management and cloud app security; implement threat management, manage device compliance, security reports, and alerts; plan for devices, apps, and Windows 10 deployment; implement Windows Defender Advanced threat protection, implement Azure information protection, and configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP), manage data governance, audit, and eDiscovery.

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uCertify Lesson is fully responsive and comes complete with flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and many more. uCertify interactive lessons support 50+ interactive activities embedded throughout its course which include, smart chat, 3D animations, drag and drop, try it yourself lab activities, and more. TestPrep offers full-length practice tests that can be configured to closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real exam conditions. For formative assessments, students get feedback and reinforcement and improve their test-taking strategies and skills. uCertify TestPrep is available both as a standalone product and also as part of the uCertify course where practice and lessons are deeply integrated.

About MS-101 Exam

The MS-101 exam tests candidates’ knowledge and skills related to implementing modern device services, Microsoft 365 security, and threat management, and managing Microsoft 365 governance and compliance. This exam is designed for Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators who take part in planning, evaluating, migrating, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services. They perform Microsoft 365 tenant management tasks for enterprises that include security, identities, and supporting technologies. Candidates of this exam must have an understanding of Microsoft 365 workloads and have been an administrator for at least one Microsoft 365 workload (SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, or Windows as a Service). Candidates must also have a working knowledge of server administration, networking, and IT fundamentals such as DNS, Active Directory, and PowerShell.

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Prepare for the Microsoft MD-101 exam and learn how to manage modern desktops with uCertify! The course covers certification exam objectives and provides expertise to install and update Windows 10, manage authentication, manage devices, plan and manage Microsoft Intune, manage security, and configure auditing. The Managing Modern Desktops course comes with interactive lessons, test-prep, and live-labs.

Prepare for the Microsoft MD-101 exam with uCertify course

uCertify lessons are fully responsive and come complete with flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and many more. uCertify interactive lessons support 40+ interactive activities embedded throughout its course which include, smart chat, 3D animations, drag and drop, connect the idea, and more. TestPrep is a simple, cloud-based, highly scalable solution that can be used to effortlessly deliver assessments and test preps to a browser or device anytime, anywhere. It offers a number of enrollment models including the ability to provide full LTI-based integration with major Learning Management Systems or direct sale to an individual. LiveLab allows you to experiment and configure computers, servers, switches, or routers in a risk-free environment. This virtual environment has real computer equipment that is networked together conveniently accessible over the internet using virtualization, and comes with auto-grading. 

About Microsoft MD-101 Exam

The Microsoft MD-101 exam tests and validates student’s skills to deploy and update operating systems; manage policies and profiles; manage and protect devices; and manage apps and data. This exam has been designed for administrators who deploy, configure, secure, manage, and monitor devices and client applications in an enterprise environment and candidates who manage identity, access, policies, updates, and apps. Earning this certification enhances candidates’ employability and makes them job-ready. This certification also guarantees higher growth opportunities. Around 23% of Microsoft certified professionals report receiving up to a 20% salary enhancement. The MD-101 certification provides a competitive edge and brings recognition to the workplace.

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Demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft 365 technology and earn the MS-100 certification with uCertify. We have introduced the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services course that provides complete coverage of the MS-100 certification exam objectives and covers designing and implementing Microsoft 365 services, managing access and authentication, managing user identity and roles, and planning Office 365 workloads and applications.

Be a certified Microsoft 365 Identity and Services professional with uCertify

The course comes with interactive lessons and test prep. The lessons support interactive activities embedded throughout the course and are designed to keep you engaged and make learning fun. The assessments in the course are customizable, secure, and can be accessed on multiple devices. These assessments can be either formative or summative. For formative assessments, students receive feedback and reinforcement, therefore, improving their test-taking skills and helping them to learn from their mistakes. uCertify Assessments provide instant feedback and grading for all types of tests so that you can learn from any mistakes you make. Instructors can monitor the progress of each student in real-time and give help and guidance to them. uCertify also provides comprehensive reports of the assessment.

About MS-100 Exam

The MS-100 certification exam is designed for candidates who take part in evaluating, planning, migrating, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services. The prerequisite of this certification includes having a working knowledge of Microsoft 365 workloads and being an administrator for at least one Microsoft 365 workload (SharePoint, Skype for Business, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, or Windows as a Service). Candidates must also have a working knowledge of networking, server administration, and IT fundamentals. On passing the MS-100 exam, candidates will earn the Microsoft 365 certification.

Microsoft certifications provide candidates with a professional edge by validating skills mastery, demonstrating your abilities, and willingness to embrace new technologies. So, qualifying the exam allows you to enhance your skills and unlock opportunities.

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Microsoft Excel offers organizations and businesses a tool required to make the most of their data. Excel spreadsheets are popular and used across businesses to organize data relevant to the running of the business. Learn the latest Microsoft Excel techniques uCertify’s latest course. The course covers the latest Microsoft Excel 2019 certification exam objectives and teaches you how to create and edit a workbook with multiple sheets and use a graphic element to represent data visually. uCertify course comes with performance-based labs that provide a real-world learning experience by simulating MS Excel 2019 environment. The simulation can be mapped to any course, textbook, and training material, therefore adding value and a hands-on component to virtually any training. Upon course completion, you will have skills in managing worksheets and workbooks, data cells and ranges, tables and table data, charts, and performing operations by using formulas and functions.

uCertify introduces Microsoft Excel 2019 certification course

Getting Microsoft Excel 2019 certified also increases your productivity at work because you will learn several shortcuts that enable you to work faster and learn more complicated Excel strategies that can be used across the entire suite of Microsoft Office products. You will also be able to use the data in their Excel sheet across a variety of programs that reduces their need to re-enter information and allows them to streamline workflow better. With the advanced capabilities of Excel, candidates are also able to organize their information better and sort the information so that it can be appropriately analyzed and transferred to graphs or charts for better viewing.

About MO-200 Exam

Microsoft Excel 2019 exam candidates are expected to demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Excel and complete tasks independently. The exam prepares candidates to work on professional-looking budgets, financial statements, team performance charts, sales invoices, and data-entry logs. 

So, start learning about Microsoft Excel 2019’s features with uCertify and gain hands-on experience to pass the MO-200 exam!