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Zaid Rehman has 12+ years of work experience as Network Support Engineer, System Support Engineer, and IT Manager. He is currently working as Pentester in Ontracking FZCO Dubai UAE. He recently has an access to uCertify CISSP Course and Labs. Checkout his feedback below:

Zaid Rehman reviewed uCertify CISSP course and labs

I really like the format and layout of the course. During the tests you can choose to start the test in either Test mode (answers shown at the end) or Learn mode (answers shown after each question). You can even bookmark, tag certain questions to review them later or discuss with another user. The study material is good too with study notes, study tips, how to, articles, flash cards. The article and study note sections are very informative and very easy to learn, some even have diagrams and screenshots to explain certain windows procedures since learning with pictures is always easier and much more fun. There is a test history section where you can check your results and review the questions that you got wrong. The test readiness gives you a report of all the tests that have been completed, not yet completed, failed, passed and from here you can even re-attempt any test. Take a look at the objective readiness report to find out if you really are ready for the CISSP exam. It lists the six objective groups and your passing percentage for each one, if they are all over 95% then one can take the exam with a positive outlook.

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Such customer feedback makes us feel really rewarding. We are continuously working hard to provide best to our customers.

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