Aldwin Baranda has 15+ years of work experience as a Service Engineer and Support Specialist. He is currently working as a Global Compliance Monitoring Analyst at Citibank. He has skills in troubleshooting, IT service management, technical support, and more. Recently he reviewed our CISSP 2018 course. Check out what he says:

Aldwin Baranda Reviewed uCertify's CISSP Online Course

uCertify is one of the best e-learning platforms to prepare for the IT certification exams. I had a very good experience while preparing for CISSP certification and I also completed uCertify course and labs completing it successfully.  

While performing the labs I came across many interactive features that I haven’t found on other e-learning platforms. These features help to gain a hands-on learning experience on exam topics. All I can say is that this is the best place to turn your career goals into reality.

There are a lot of other resources I came across like readiness score of the course that will help you to know how well are you prepared, the percentage of completion of the course, etc. I would suggest you all to for uCertify courses if you are planning to be CISSP certified in future.

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Thank you Aldwin for taking out time and providing the feedback. It really feels rewarding when we get good customer feedback!
To know more about Aldwin, contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

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