Check Out Taylor Parker’s Feedback On CompTIA IT Fundamentals Course

Taylor Parker is a hard-working and dedicated professional with several years of experience in IT Audit, Security, and Governance roles. He has a superior ability to provide high-end results to correct business restructure issues and to control IT Infrastructure to reduce security and fraud incidents. In addition, he can successfully manage international business projects across multiple levels of management. Currently, he is working as a Lead IT Compliance Auditor in ScanSource. Recently, Taylor reviewed uCertify CompTIA IT Fundamentals course and provided the following feedback:

Taylor Parker uCertify Review

For individuals, planning to go for CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification, uCertify course is very helpful.The course covers a wide range of topics and offers hands-on lab that provides a better understanding of the course material. 

I would like to thank uCertify for providing me access to the CompTIA ITF course material and for giving me the opportunity to provide feedback on this course. I recommend uCertify to the professionals preparing for CompTIA IT Fundamentals.

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Thank you Taylor for your valuable feedback. We are glad that you found our course helpful.

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