Check Out Grigor Baghdasaryan’s Review On Our CEH V10 Course

Grigor Baghdasaryan is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Vozni. It is an innovative company that aims to make life better. They develop smart Bluetooth trackers, key organizers, key finders, as well as community search. Grigor’s field of expertise includes project management and telecommunications. He can also work with tools and technologies such as WordPress, Android, Microsoft Access, Windows Server, Moodle, and many more. 

Grigor recently reviewed our CEH V10 course and provided his valuable feedback. Please read it here:

Check Out Grigor Baghdasaryan’s Review On Our CEH V10 Course

The uCertify CEH course is very organized and covers exam topics with its learning resources. There are quizzes added at the end of each chapter to test the knowledge gained in the chapter.

The course material is sorted based on CEH outlines and helps you to prepare for the certification in real exam conditions. The lab provides a virtual environment for users to explore and learn.”

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Thank you, Grigor, we are glad to have your honest and valuable feedback on our course. 

To know more about Grigor Baghdasaryan, contact via his LinkedIn profile.

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