uCertify Introduces Certified Internet of Things Practitioner Course

The Internet of Things or IoT refers to the network of physical objects—“things” around the world that are now connected to the web, all collecting and sharing data. It is extremely valuable to any organization because it connects objects, people, and environments. uCertify offers the Certified Internet of Things Practitioner course to assist you to prepare for the CertNexus ITP-110 certification exam and provide skills to:

  • Plan an IoT implementation
  • Construct and program an IoT device
  • Manage security, privacy, and safety risks on IoT project
  • Deal with an IoT device using wireless and wired connections
  • Operate sensor input and control an actuator on an IoT device
  • Manage an IoT prototyping and development project throughout the event lifecycle
uCertify Introduces Certified Internet of Things Practitioner Course

The Certified Internet of Things Practitioner course offers exam based practice tests and hands-on labs. The labs provide a virtual environment created to allow you to experiment and apply your knowledge to real-life situations. These labs can be mapped to any course, textbook, or training material, therefore, adding a hands-on component to virtually any training you receive with uCertify.

About ITP-110 Exam

The CIoTP ITP-110 exam is designed for professionals who are seeking to create a vendor-neutral, cross-industry foundational knowledge that will enable them to style, implement, operate, and/or manage an IoT ecosystem. This certification is comprehensive and validates candidates’ skills in a wide range of job functions and knowledge of the important concepts and components that are a part of an IoT ecosystem.

IoT is an asset in helping the businesses to form decisions and improve their performance. It represents a strategic advantage during a competitive market. Faced with their promising future, it’s time to take advantage of it by transforming your business.

So, start learning about the Internet of things and also prepare for the ITP-110 certification exam to be a capable IoT practitioner with uCertify!

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