Use Analytics, Data Science, & Artificial Intelligence Tools for Decision Support

Analytics has become the technology driver of this decade. Decision-makers are using data and computerized tools to make better decisions. Even consumers are using analytics tools directly or indirectly to make decisions on routine activities such as shopping, health care, and entertainment. The field of business analytics (BA)/data science (DS)/decision support systems (DSS)/business intelligence (BI) is evolving rapidly to become more focused on innovative methods and applications to utilize data streams.

uCertify’s course Analytics, Data Science, & Artificial Intelligence: Systems for Decision Support expands your understanding of the various types of analytics by providing examples, products, services, and exercises by means of introducing AI, machine learning, robotics, chatbots, IoT, and Web/Internet-related enablers throughout the text. 

The course contains well descriptive interactive lessons containing pre and post-assessment questions, knowledge checks, quizzes, labs, flashcards, and glossary terms to get a detailed understanding of the decision support systems, executive information systems, and business intelligence.

So, enroll yourself in uCertify’s Analytics, Data Science, & Artificial Intelligence: Systems for Decision Support course today and start learning.

New Updates in April 2010

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  • MB2-632 – CRM 4.0 Applications
  • 172 Questions, 71 Quiz, 71 Study Notes
    This Microsoft’s MB2-632 exam is designed for those professionals who want to understand and articulate implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications modules effectively.

  • 70-655 – MCTS: Windows Vista and Server OS, Pre-Installing for OEMs
  • 199 Questions, 100 Quiz, 44 Study Notes
    This Microsoft’s exam evaluates individual skills in pre-installing Microsoft Operating Systems in an OEM environment. Those IT professionals who have a hand on knowledge of the various tools needed to maintain windows desktops, and have a minimum one year experience in handling and troubleshooting issues related to desktops and OEM.

  • 112-12 – Security5 Certification
  • 200 Questions, 100 Quiz, 207 Study Notes
    The Exam EC-Council’s 112-12 The EC-Council Security5 certification exam is designed to examine the knowledge of IT security concepts and basic networking skills.

  • IC3-EXAM-1 – IC3 Computing Fundamentals
  • 162 Questions, 45 Quiz, 166 Study Notes
    The IC3 is a certification program that is designed to teach individuals the digital literacy skills associated with basic computer and Internet use. The Computing Fundamental exam covers popular hardware, software, operating system, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications and the common features of all applications.

  • IC3-EXAM-2 – IC3 Key Applications
  • 250 Questions, 100 Quiz, 106 Study Notes
    The IC3 is a certification program that is designed to teach individuals the digital literacy skills associated with basic computer and Internet use. The Key Applications exam covers popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications and the common features of all applications.

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uCertify PrepKit Tour

uCertify PrepKit Tour

uCertify PrepKit Tour
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“Learn Smarter, Not Harder” is our mantra. uCertify PrepKits are a powerful learning platform. The smart, interactive, computer based learning system combines step-by-step guided learning with realistic exam simulation for over 200 IT certification exams.

Navigating the Prepkit is simple for both newcomers and experienced IT professionals. You will find clearly defined Practice tests, Chapter by Chapter study guides, exam objectives, extensive reference material, numerous study aids, on demand progress tracking and everything else needed to pass your exam in the first attempt.


uCertify’s one click dashboard neatly presents all the major options on the first-screen. These options are organized into 4 simple groups:
Practice tests
Study Helper
Enhance your understanding
Track your progress

The logical organization and layout of the dashboard makes it easy for even the novice user to get started on his or her learning journey right away.

Practice Tests

Each PrepKit has multiple options under practice tests such as:
Diagnostic tests: to give you a good idea of where you the outset
Predefined: test A, B, C etc: are based on actual exam requirments.
Final tests: to measure your readiness for the actual certification exam
Interactive quizzes: test yourself along the way with quick pop-quizzes on key exam points
and Adaptive test: to gives you an experience with Computer Adaptive testing or CAT

The Practice tests are extremely customizable. Customized testing helps you take a test based on your need and learning style.
For example, you can easily customize a test based on an exam topic or study note to reinforce concepts just learned.

Or perhaps you don’t have time to take the standard practice test? Just specify the fixed time you have and the Prepkit customizes the number of questions for you. It’s that simple!

Take a Test
Lets start with a diagnostic test.
All tests begin with a help screen. On this screen, you can easily configure test options such as the number of questions, time allotted, the passing score and raise the level of difficulty by having the last answer option always be none of the above.

Start your test in either test or learn mode. In test mode you will be able to review your answers with accompanying detailed explanations at the end of the test. In in learn mode you can review the answers to each question right after answering a question. This helps you to learn the subject, one question at a time.

Choose whatever suits you best. To start the test simply click the start test button from the toolbar.

Start The Test

Each question is modeled on the format of the actual exam. uCertify PrepKit supports multiple types of questions found on certification exams such as Multiple choice, Hot spot, Drag and drop, choose and reorder, and simulation.

Click on the answer you think is correct.

Navigating from question to question is simple. Choose navigation button form the bottom tool bar or press keyboard short cut such as N to navigate to Next question or P for Previous question

The Prepkit offers a number of flexible options while you take a test. For example, you can print a question, provide a feedback, write additional notes or comments for future reference. You can pause a test any time.

You can also book mark a question you want to review later, rate a question, or tag it for the future reference.

When you are done answering all questions, click on End Test.

Go to result

You have another chance on the Item Review screen to ensure all questions have been answered. If you wish, simply click on the question you want to review. If you are satisfied with your answers click on the result button to continue to the Result Window to see how you did.

Test Results

The Result screen shows your performance on the test and provides you a range of feedback options. Instant feedback helps you clearly identify your areas of strength and weakness, which give you a precise idea of your exam readiness.

The Question Report shows your performance by question. Summary reports show a breakdown of your performance categorized by subtopic. Use these reports to get a clear grasp of your understanding of the topics and areas to focus on.

Nothing like striking while the iron is hot, so the result screen allows you to review or re-test. You can review all questions in the test, or review only incorrectly answered questions to save time, or re-test again. Retake the entire test or only the incorrectly answered questions. Alternatively, just review the related study notes and key concepts.

You can also simply click on the questions you want to review. This will directly take you to the questions and provide you with full explanations.

Test Review

After you have completed your test, you can review it. PrepKit provides correct answers and detailed explanations for each question, elaborating not only on the answer, but on the concepts on which the question is based. This ensures thorough learning of the subject.

While reviewing questions be sure to use the additional study notes to help you learn and reinforce key points.

Add tags, provide feedback, rate questions or discuss a question with other users.

Performance Review

uCertify PrepKits help you track your progress effortlessly with a variety of reports, including Test history, Test readiness and Objective readiness reports.

Test history shows your performance over time, helping you accurately review your progress and assess your test readiness. You can click on the Review button to review the questions and explanations again. Or, you can take a re-test on the same set of questions if you wish.

Test readiness report shows your test performance on predefined tests and other test types.

Objective readiness reports shows your performance on tests customized to exam objectives. This gives you a clear idea of your progress, strengths and weaknesses by exam topics.

After you have covered all exam objective topics, tested yourself on each, and performance reviews show high scores, you are ready for the full-length final simulation exam, which is another good indicator of your exam readiness.

Study Helper

You will find several useful study aids throughout the Prepkit, designed to help you study efficiently.

Study Helper provides you a chapter by chapter study guide.

Click on the Study button to begin your learning. Study notes are organized chapter wise in an easy-to-read, power point style format. If you are an instructor, this chapter-by-chapter, organized method of covering exam objectives is very useful in a class room environment. Navigate each study note using the toolbar or keyboard. Pop quizzes every few slides enforce understanding.

At the end of each chapter, you have the choice to take a test based on the chapter, or continue with a review of the next chapter.

Enhance your understanding

uCertify’s effective methodology ensures you have the skills and confidence needed to not just pass the exam in your first attempt, but to actually use the skills on the job.

Enhance your understanding section is divided in multiple parts, starting with clearly spelled out exam objectives: Flash cards, study notes, articles, how tos and study tips

These exam objectives help you understand the exam requirements and organize your study plan.

Flash Cards help you memorize definitions, terminology and key concepts. This simple, yet powerful feature helps drill in basic concepts key to mastering more extensive material.

Study notes are organized by topics and can be navigated easily. You can also bookmark a note, , rate it or add your own tags.

You can add your own comments, provide a feedback and discuss it with other users.

Rating, tagging and feedback will also help you organize the study notes based on your learning style.

You can also search through the study notes. Test your knowledge on notes by taking a test on related questions anytime, or use flash cards based on selected study notes.

Technical Study Articles written by industry experts provide the final touch to enhancing your knowledge of the subject.

How To’s provide an easy to look up reference on ‘how to’ perform a particular action. They guide you step by step through each task.


The smart, interactive, easy-to-use PrepKit has everything you will need to pass your certification exam. A clean, simple dashboard, guided reference material, study guides integrated closely with practice tests, real world scenario questions crafted by experts in the field, collaboration tools, customizable and adaptive tests, detailed performance reviews, all leave nothing to be desired of a certification preparation software. It’s a time tested formula that guarantees your success.

Our Guarantee

The most important feature – the quality of our content. Our questions on practice tests are authored by professionals with years of experience, who are certified experts themselves. Questions are modeled on real world scenarios and closely simulate actual certification exams.

In-fact we are so confident of the quality of our Prepkits, that we guarantee it! You will pass the exam in your first attempt or we will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Give us a try! Download our free trial version at Call us at 1 800 796 3062 for advice and support or send us a email at sales or support at

We wish you the best of luck with your exam preparation.