uCertify Cyber Security Analyst & Pentest+ Courses Review

Gabriel Katlic is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity Technology from the University of Maryland Global Campus, with an expected graduation in 2025. He worked as an IT Technician Tier ll in R.E. Michel Company, LLC. achieved the prestigious Diamond Rank in the National Cyber Skyline (Individual Game) Spring 2023, placing 2nd in the competition. He is also certified in Security +, CySA +, and CSAP, demonstrating his expertise in the field.

Let’s see what he says about uCertify courses:

“Having done the Cyber Security Analyst + and Pentest + Courses with college classes through uCertify was a great learning platform. Offering hands-on labs that are structured & tailored for what is needed for the exam & tool training that excelled with great labs.

The Final exams for the courses actually mimic the real CompTIA exam the best way; being structured is like taking the actual exam; it was challenging, just like the real exam—5 PBQs and the same amount of questions, just like when I took both certification exams.

The two courses are well designed for beginners while also allowing those with more advanced experience to jump ahead anytime or skip sections one may be strong in.”

We feel more than happy with such customer reviews and try to provide the best to our customers. To read his complete post, click here.

To know more about Mr. Gabriel you can contact him via his Linkedin profile.

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Curious about Business Statistics but worried it’s too tricky? No sweat – uCertify got your back with a super beginner-friendly Business Statistics course! This comprehensive course includes Pre-Assessment, Interactive Lessons, Gamified TestPrep, Post-Assessment and more, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

The uCertify Business Statistics course covers key topics such as measures of center, probability distributions, and hypothesis testing. The course is designed to help learners develop their critical thinking skills, allowing them to choose the best summary statistics for their data and accurately interpret them.

The course uses several examples from real-world applications in different industries such as ecommerce, healthcare, and finance to illustrate these concepts. This allows learners to see how statistical techniques are applied in real-world business scenarios.

Pursuing a career in business statistics offers various opportunities in fields such as economics, finance, marketing, and data science. Businesses increasingly demand professionals who can analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions. Therefore, a career in business statistics offers ample opportunities to meet this demand and contribute to data-driven decision-making.

Whether you’re an aspiring business analyst, data scientist, or simply looking to improve your decision-making skills, uCertify’s business statistics course is the perfect starting point. Embrace a simpler way to understand and apply statistics – Start your learning journey with uCertify today!

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