Do you want to get CompTIA Cloud+ certified? uCertify is introducing the CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003) course to help you prepare for the same. CompTIA Cloud+ validates the skills needed to deploy and automate secure cloud environments that support the high availability of business systems and data.

uCertify’s CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 course and lab are designed to enhance the latest knowledge and skills of a cloud administrator. It will be a great source to learn about: 

  • Cloud Computing Configurations and Deployments
  • Cloud Deployments
  • Cloud Security and its Implementation 
  • Maintaining Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Management Baselines, Performance, and SLAs
  • Troubleshooting Networking and Security Issues and Understanding Methodologies, and so on.

The course is a complete learning path for you as it includes well descriptive interactive lessons which are CV0-003 exam objective based and contain knowledge checks, quizzes, flashcards, and glossary terms to get a detailed understanding of cloud computing. The test prep present in the course consists of pre-assessment, post-assessment, and practice test questions to keep a check on your preparation and knowledge. The live labs will provide you with hands-on experience on cloud administration. 

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In your information technology (IT) career, the CompTIA Security+ certification is commonly regarded as the first security certification you should pursue. The CompTIA Security+ exam is a vendor-neutral test that assesses your understanding of industry-standard technologies and processes. It’s a terrific way to get started on additional vendor-specific certifications and jobs. If you’re getting ready to take the Security+ exam, you’ll want to learn everything you can about computer and physical security. The more information you have and the more hands-on experience you obtain, the more prepared you will be to take the exam. uCertify has introduced the CompTIA  Security+ course to help prepare you for the certification examination and gain knowledge of security concepts, operating systems, and application systems that will help you get a full understanding of the challenges you’ll face as a security professional. The course provides expertise to:

  • Identify the components of a security strategy, explain organisational security strategies, and apply fundamental security vocabulary
  • Plan and conduct risk and vulnerability evaluations
  • Identify public key infrastructure ideas and explain common cryptography approaches and standards
  • Identify and classify common network threats, as well as traffic control devices such as firewalls and packet filters
  • Identify network security devices and use monitoring and detection techniques
  • Encrypt data in transit and harden networks
  • Understand network authentication methods and explain authentication factors
  • Compare access control models, implement file-level access control, and manage account security from a central location
  • Recognize malware threats, secure hosts and workstations, and protect data throughout its life cycle
  • Protect mobile devices, embedded and specialised systems, and convergent networks
  • Describe application attack techniques and ensure that secure development processes are followed
  • Identify virtualization and cloud technologies as part of the larger company network
  • Determine social engineering tactics, implement corporate security rules, schedule user training, and select physical security controls
  • Prepare for disaster using business continuity plans, fault-tolerant systems, data backups, and incident response strategies

About Exam

The CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification exam verifies that the applicant has the knowledge and abilities needed to assess an enterprise’s security posture and recommend and implement relevant security solutions. The candidates are able to monitor and protect hybrid environments, such as cloud, mobile, and IoT; operate in accordance with applicable laws and rules, such as governance, risk, and compliance standards; and recognise, evaluate, and respond to security events and incidents.

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In today’s digital era, cybersecurity can not be taken lightly. Cybercriminals can find a way to break into a system. Such indiscretions are unavoidable in today’s age despite a sound and well-managed security system. No one can presume its security system to be unbeatable. The CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification validates core knowledge required in any cybersecurity role and is the foundation for intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs. uCertify has introduced CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification prep to help candidates prepare for the CYSA+ CS0-002 certification exam. The course covers exam objectives and provides expertise to proactively defend and continuously improve the security of an organization. The candidates will also learn about software and systems security, threat and vulnerability management, compliance and assessment, security operations and monitoring, and incident response.

Prepare for the CompTIA CS0-002 exam with uCertify

The CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) course comes with interactive lessons, exam-based practice tests, and hands-on lab. uCertify lessons offer flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and more. It also offers features of bookmarking a lesson’s content, rating your confidence on specific topics, or writing notes on sections. You can also highlight the content and search from Wikipedia or Google while going through chapters. Practice tests ensure that learners prep under actual exam conditions using the item-types expected to appear in the actual certification exam. uCertify Labs are based on the belief that people learn best when they learn by doing. With labs, you get virtual environments that allow you to experiment and apply your knowledge to real-life situations. 

About CySA+ CS0-002 Exam

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) is an IT workforce certification that applies behavioral analytics to networks and devices to stop, detect, and counter cybersecurity threats through continuous security monitoring. It certifies that successful candidates have the understanding to strengthen intelligence and threat detection techniques, identify and address vulnerabilities, analyze and interpret data, suggest preventive measures, and effectively respond to and recover from incidents. 

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uCertify has introduced the latest CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ course for business analysts and IT professionals. This course covers CLO-002 exam objectives and provides an understanding of cloud principles and design; and cloud networking and storage. The CLO-002 course also helps candidates in assessing cloud needs, engaging cloud vendors, management and technical operations, governance and risk, compliance, and security in the cloud. The course comes with hands-on labs that provide users real exam experience. These labs are cloud-based training environments that emphasize an online, hands-on learning experience over a passive classroom-based one. Labs offer a direct, interactive connection with the training environment and can be accessed from any system with an internet connection.

Prepare For The CompTIA CLO-002 Certification Exam With uCertify

The CLO-002 exam is proof of candidates’ knowledge to form decisions about cloud technologies and their business impact by assessing financial impacts, business use cases, cloud technologies, and deployment models with cloud computing knowledge. Once you earn the CompTIA certification, you become eligible for management-level positions and understand cloud computing as well as the business impact of migrating and governing in the cloud. The popular career opportunities after passing the Cloud Essentials+ certification are Business Development staff who sell cloud services, Technical Sales Specialist, and Business Analyst.

This uCertify course comes complete with flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and many more interactive item types. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt flashcards and quizzes. Flashcards help master the key concepts and glossary defines the key terms. The course also has a number of test sets that consist of hundreds of questions to ensure that learners are prepared for the certification exam. Upon completing the uCertify CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ course, you will gain expertise in the following topics:

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Management  and Technical Operations
  • Business Principles of Cloud Environments
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Security for the Cloud

So, start your learning for the CLO-002 exam and be a Cloud Essentials+ certified professional with uCertify!

Over the past few years, the cloud computing industry has grown a lot in terms of interest as well as investment. Cloud computing is becoming an integral part of the IT infrastructure of many companies worldwide. Along with the increased impact of cloud computing in IT and business, the demand for cloud skills will also increase. Therefore, cloud professionals need to prove their skills and knowledge. They have to be able to compete with other professionals in the market, and a cloud certification is the best way to do that.

Why You Should Go For Cloud Computing Certifications?

Here are a few reasons how cloud computing certification can help you in achieving your goal:

Increasing demand for skilled professionals

Organizations are constantly hiring highly skilled cloud computing experts. The skilled professionals of this field can implement a cloud environment into an organization’s infrastructure. A recent survey has revealed that there are more than 25,000 jobs related to the AWS cloud are vacant. Having an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification can be a great advantage. A study indicated that there is also a shortage of skilled professionals in the Microsoft Azure platform. A certification in Azure can help you get qualified for these jobs. A lot of organizations are using DevOps to deliver new software applications and features. As the use of DevOps technologies grows, the demand for certified professionals in this domain also grows. A right certification in this field can play a crucial role.

Improved earning potential

Let’s have a look at the jobs and salaries that are available in cloud computing:

  • Enterprise Architect, IT: USD138k
  • Senior Solutions Architect: USD 138k
  • Solutions Architect: USD 125k
  • Information Technology (IT) Architect: USD 123k
  • Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT): USD 108k
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer: USD 98k
  • Software Engineer: USD 99k

Jobs in this field offer good salaries and aren’t influenced by changing market conditions. 

Proof of expertise and credibility

Certifications are a great way to showcase your knowledge and skills. Hiring professionals have said that certifications, training, and experience are among the most valued attributes for a cloud-related position. A certification in cloud computing validates your knowledge and skills in working with new technologies to support the changing cloud market. You will have opportunities to work in various cloud-related projects and handle cloud deployment in an enterprise.

If you want to get a job in the field of cloud computing, you can go for one or more vendor-specific certifications, such as AWS or VMWare or CompTIA Cloud+.

Cloud technology has taken over the entire IT market. All companies, whether they are big or small, rely on public cloud platforms to host and implement critical applications. So, if you’re planning to enter into this industry or looking to grow your cloud computing career, a certification can be the best step for you. uCertify offers comprehensive courses equipped with interactive learning resources that will help you ace a cloud computing cert exam in your first attempt.