uCertify Introduces PHR and SPHR Certification Course Based on Latest Exam Objectives

If you are looking for human resources jobs, many open positions prefer HR professional certification. While it may not be a strict job requirement, it gives you a boost against the competition and shows a recruiter that you are serious about your human resources career. Once you are selected, an HR certification gives you the advantage of negotiating a higher salary. When you have an HR job, the certification can still be worth the expense when it comes time to ask for a salary hike. According to Payscale.com, certified HR professionals get promoted faster and tend to hold positions of higher authority compared to their non-certified fellow employees. According to Payscale’s research report, the median pay for a certified HR professional is more than those without a certification. The report also shows that even when HR professionals carry exactly the same title, those with certifications earn more on average. 

uCertify Introduces PHR and SPHR Certification Course Based on Latest Exam Objectives

uCertify offers the PHR and SPHR – Professional In Human Resources Certification course for HR professionals. The course covers all the domains of the HRCI Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exams. It provides an understanding of the following topics:

For PHR Exam –

  • Business Management
  • Talent Planning and Acquisition
  • Learning and Development
  • Total Rewards
  • Employee and Labor Relations

For SPHR Exam – 

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Talent Planning and Acquisition
  • Learning and Development
  • Total Rewards
  • Employee Relations and Engagement

Along with the interactive learning resources, the course comes with 350+ assessments and practice tests to test your knowledge on the exam topics. uCertify Test is highly configurable – assessments can be either formative or summative.  For formative assessments, students receive feedback and reinforcement, therefore improving their test-taking skills and strategies. uCertify provides comprehensive reports. Students also get one readiness score that factors in both eBook and test performances. These reports remove ambiguity and help students focus on areas that need attention. 

So, start your prep for the PHR and SPHR certification exams today with uCertify!

Why Should You Go For HR Certification?

If you are interested in starting a career in HR and decided to prepare for the HR certifications, then you might want to know the answer to this question. An HR certificate is not required to work in the HR field, but it can be a valuable resource for some HR professionals’ careers. Hopefully, this article will help you decide if an HR certification will be beneficial for your career. An HR certificate is not required to work in the HR field, but it can be a valuable resource for some HR professionals’ careers. A  study reported that 34.2% of all HR professionals have at least one HR certification and another reported that HR certified professionals receive more promotions and achieve career success more quickly than non-certified professionals. An HR certification can help you prove your knowledge base. This can prove to be a great way to supplement your education and make sure you know what you are talking about. This is supported by research that HR certified professionals receive 31.6% higher pay than someone without certification and this percentage is going to increase in the coming years.

An HR certification can benefit your career, but it is not necessary to start preparing for the exam today. You can start your career with your undergraduate or master’s degree in human resources instead. Earning a certification later in your career will refresh your knowledge and help you stand apart in the job market.

Why Should You Go For HR Certifications?

HRCI offers various certifications to help train HR professionals on additional skills. There are certifications available for every level of experience. Some of them are listed below:

HRCI Professional in Human Resources Certification

The HRCI PHR certification validates your expertise in workforce planning and employment; strategic development, human resource development, and risk management. It is designed for HR professionals who focus on program implementation. Professionals should have two to four years of professional work experience in all HR sections.

HRCI Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification

The HRCI SPHR certification is designed for HR professionals who design and plan rather than implement HR policies. These professionals should have four to seven years of HR experience and complete knowledge in all HR disciplines.

An HR certification requires real investment, both in time and money. Carefully consider your career path and select the right certification for you. You can check out our course, we offer comprehensive courses that will help you prepare for the HR certs. Good luck with your studies!

Five Topics To Focus For HRCI SPHR Certification Exam

Earning an HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) credential validates your expertise in the HR field and provides skills to mitigate risks and drive business results. The Senior Professional in Human Resources® (SPHR®) certification offered by HRCI is proof of your understanding in the strategic and policy-making aspects of HR management as practiced in the U.S. This certification is designed for professionals who are responsible for planning rather than implementing HR policy. Organizations demand SPHR professionals as they have proven accountability for HR department goals, understanding in all  HR disciplines and business issues beyond the HR function.

HRCI SPHR certification exam

To be eligible for the SPHR, candidates must meet any of the following requirements:

  • Have at least four years of professional-level HR position experience along with a Master’s degree or higher,
  • Have at least five years of professional-level HR position experience along with a Bachelor’s degree,


  • Have at least seven years professional-level HR position experience along with a high school diploma.

Once candidates earn SPHR certification, it is valid for three years. To maintain the credential, candidates are required to earn 60 recertification credits over a three-year time span or retake the exam. Of these required 60 recertification credits, 15 must be Business Management & Strategy credits.

Here are five topics to focus for SPHR certification and their percentage:

Leadership and Strategy 40%
Employee Relations and Engagement 20%
Talent Planning and Acquisition 16%
Learning and Development12%
Total Rewards12%

So, are you ready to be an HRCI SPHR certified professional? Then gear up and start your prep today with uCertify PHR SPHR certification exam course.

How HR Certifications Helping In Career Growth? Explore Now!

The HR field can provide you a lot of opportunities in leading IT industries. There are several benefits that HR certifications add to your profile and boost up your resume. The article will provide you an overview of the benefits that are added to your profile with the HR credentials. There are several HR certifications that can help you take your career to the advanced level. PHR and SPHR certifications are one of the most highly acknowledged HR certifications. Let us provide you knowledge about some of the main benefits that the HR certifications adds to your resume.

How HR Certifications Helping In Career Growth? Explore Now!

The recent surveys have indicated that certified HR professionals are more skilled and reliable as compared to the non-certified professionals. Most of the HR supervisors have said that HR certified professionals have better potential for higher level job positions, better in making strategies, and perform at a higher level of excellence than the non-certified professionals. Surveys show that 2 out of 3 HR supervisors say that they prefer HR certified professionals over other similarly qualified candidates. 1 in 5 HR supervisors say that their organizations require an HR certification when hiring for HR positions.

HR certified professionals receive higher pay than non-certified HR professionals. Surveys have also proved that PHR certified professional earns USD 4,547 more than a non-certified one and for SPHR certified professional the difference is USD 19,712. There is a huge difference between the annual salary growth of the two group of professionals. According to the surveys, the average income growth for PHR is USD 292 and for SPHR it is USD 983.

Aren’t you excited about getting the HR certifications? If yes then get yourself enrolled in the uCertify cert guide and start your prep for the cert exams. The comprehensive cert guide will help you pass the exams in your first attempt.


Complete Your HRCI PHR Certification With uCertify Training Program

uCertify is the right destination for the professionals preparing for IT certifications. Learn about professional IT certifications here, including lists of certifications by vendor and certification exam requirements. We offer courses for the Human resource certification. uCertify offers Professional in Human Resources course for the HR Certification Institute PHR certification. The cert guide covers all the objectives of the HRCI PHR certification exam such as describing the concepts of business management and strategy, employee and labour relation, and many more. We offer our courses on a trial basis for the instructors so that they can give reviews and suggest improvement. The HRCI PHR certification study guide includes classroom instruction on the exam topics, as well as hands-on small group training for the movements. These group sessions are conducted at low intensity with a focus on improving your weak areas.

 HRCI PHR Certification uCertify

Here are the topics covered in the HRCI PHR certification study guide:

  • Employee Input
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Contract Administration
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resource Development
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Collective Bargaining: The Process
  • Workforce Planning and Development
  • Measuring Employee Relations Initiatives
  • Progressive Discipline as Employee Relations
  • Employee Involvement and Employee Communication
  • Laws Governing Employee Relations and Labor Relations

The HRCI PHR certification course offers the following learning resources:

  • 11+ Lessons
  • 60+ Quizzes
  • 90+ Exercises
  • 704+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-length Tests
  • 48+ Pre-assessments
  • 100+ Post assessments
  • 704+ Glossary of Terms

About Exam

HRCI Professional in Human Resources PHR certification is globally-recognized credential designed for HR professionals to focus on program implementation, tactical or logistical orientation; administer, develop, implement, and evaluate programs, procedures, and policies in order to provide a safe and secure working environment, protect the organization from potential liability. PHR exam objectives are as follows:

  • Risk Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Human Resource Development
  • Business Management and Strategy
  • Workforce Planning and Employment

So, don’t waste time to enroll in the uCertify efficient course for the exam prep of HRCI PHR certification and other certifications to accelerate your career trajectory.