Certification Exams: How to face them?

Preparing for the exam

The certification exams check your knowledge and experience on their subject. So the best way to get through is to learn and master each and every aspect of the technology and get hands-on experience on it. Of course, you have to study hard, as there is no short cut to success, but if you prepare systematically, you can pass all these exams easily.

Take the following steps to ensure success in the exams:

  • Identify the exam objectives by visiting the product vendors site because these objectives keep on changing from time to time.
  • Study the suggested reading material and make sure you understand everything and also perform the tasks they suggest.
  • Pass N10-004 exam in the first attempt. Full featured Tests. 635 questions with answers and 185 study notes articles and exam tips:

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  • If you feel the need, you can also go for instructor-led or online training courses.
  • Nothing beats a test better than taking it beforehand. Buy good test simulation software and test your skills on it.
  • Register for the test at least two weeks before. This helps in building the tempo.

Before the test

  • Be confident and relaxed.
  • Sleep well the night before the exam.
  • Arrive early at the test center with at least two forms of identification.
  • If you need a quick drink of water or a visit to the restroom, take time before the exam, because once started, the exam will not be paused for these needs.

At the Testing center

  • You will be asked to present your ID and sign the log when you arrive at the testing center.
  • The center in-charge will explain the rules that you have to follow during the exam and will ask you to sign a paper stating that you understand the rules of the exams and will follow them.
  • You are not allowed to take in any sort of written or printed material with you to the exam. You will be provided with scratch paper, pencils and anything you need for the exam.
  • Before the test, you will have an opportunity to take a practice exam that is not related with the subject but will give you an orientation of the exam process.
  • If you have any problem regarding the testing process, you can ask the test administrator.

Test Taking Approach

  • As you start the test, be calm and read the question and ALL its options carefully even if you think you know the answer.
  • If you are taking an adaptive test, REMEMBER you will not get a chance to change your answer once you move on, so be sure before you mark the answer. In a linear test, you will have a chance to change the answer.
  • If you know the answer, answer the question and move on. If you are not sure, still mark your best guess and move on. If it is a linear test, you should also bookmark the question so that you can return to it afterwards.
  • Sometimes related questions also provide answer for the questions you were unsure of. So, it is always a good idea to bookmark the question.
  • If you are unsure of the correct answer, read all options and eliminate those that are obviously wrong. Then choose from the remaining options.
  • Once you have finished answering all the questions, check the time left. If you have time, review the bookmarked questions.
  • Never leave a question unanswered. All certification tests that we know are timed and count unanswered questions as wrong. If you don’t have the time, take a blind guess.

Most importantly, keep faith in yourself and you will see that nothing is impossible. You can always find what works for you and what does not and plan your preparations accordingly. This may not be an exhaustive list of what to do and what not to do, but we do hope that these tips will pave your way towards your ultimate goal, i.e., to be certified.

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