3 Ways to Convert Your YouTube Videos Into MP3s

Here are some ideas for converting your YouTube videos into MP3 files. The following three tips will get you started right away from Youtube-to-mp3.

First, title your video correctly. You should always give the title a catchy, but not too long, the title that will grab your viewers’ attention and keep them glued to the video for as long as possible. Once you have your title ready, then go back to your video and carefully place your keyword in the title.
You may also want to incorporate your keywords into the description; though that may seem to be excessive, you will find that it will attract your viewers to find out what you are talking about.

Next, look at your Google search engine stats. If you see a high number of searches being made for your name, then you will notice that your videos will show up higher in the search results than others will. Also, take note of the number of people clicking on your video on your YouTube website. What this means is that you should be sure to post your video on YouTube more often than your competitors should.

Finally, try posting the link to your video in as many places as possible. A simple email from your viewers can be just the boost you need to generate buzz about your video and encourage them to click on the video to watch it.
When posting your YouTube videos to your blog or website, make sure you leave a “Back” link in the footer. That way, viewers can quickly and easily click back to YouTube in case they do not want to view your video on YouTube.

In addition, you should include your video URL in your bio or author bio box of each page. This will help visitors who are looking for a specific topic related to your video find it easier to find your video, as well as allowing you to have a link back to your video at the bottom of your author bio box.

If you are going to include your YouTube URL on your blog, make sure you add the “embed”html5” buttons. These will allow visitors to embed your video on their website or blog.Finally, consider including a Google AdSense code within your video to allow it to be listed on Google. These AdSense codes will allow visitors to you and your website to receive monetary rewards when visitors watch your video.

Finally, there are various ways to get your videos featured on the first page of YouTube. One of the most popular is by submitting your video to one of the many high-traffic news websites on the Internet. High-traffic news sites will often submit your video to them, and when your video is popular enough, they will feature it on their website. With some time and hard work, you can convert your YouTube videos into high-quality high-paying streams of income.

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